Adult Coloring Book 20% Off

Attention Calgary color enthusiasts
Are you organized and already thinking about Christmas presents? Adult coloring books are perfect for those color enthusiasts, plus it is an affordable gift for the artists in your life.
Maybe you know someone in the hospital that is tired of watching T.V why not grab them a coloring book to give them something to do and help them cope with their situation.
The grandmother in your life could benefit from coloring books. Maybe they have arthritis; coloring is a great activity to help their arthritis
Maybe you need a way to de stress; adult coloring books are proven to reduce stress!
There are so many benefits to coloring!
I am a local artist here in Calgary and I published an adult coloring book (ChanDraws Mind Escape Nature and Fantasy Adult Coloring Book) I am offering a 20% discount off my book. The cost of my book is 20.00 and you can pick up your book for $16.00 I live in the NW part of the city in Bowness. I have a new shipment of books at my home ready for pickup. I am offering this discount for a limited time. The first person to respond to my email will receive a FREE coloring book. If you are interested and would like a copy of my adult coloring book please message me for more details. Just email me and I will get in touch with you!

20 % OFF

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